A beautiful place to visit, all year round.

see what whitby and the surrounding areas has to offer . . .

Whatever the reason you visit Whitby you can always be assured of a warm welcome. It has that lovely old world charm, manners and air of a place that people are proud to share with you. Below west cliff hire a colourful beach hut for the day or even a week.

Whitby caters for everyone even down to providing a lift from the cliff top to specially adapted beach wheelchairs.

Everyone has a story, favourite haunt or experience to share and are eager to point you in the right direction for you to form your own unique perspective.

These could be a favourite restaurant, or one of the many walks or cycle rides the area has to offer. You could even go along an old coast train route to Scarborough. Or there’s the excitement of getting on an old steam train to visit some of the famous stations and film spots. Alternatively, you may just want to take a stroll along the coast from the whalebones to Sandsend (when the tides out right along the beach). Have a seat at the whalebones and do a bit of river traffic watching; you never know you may just see a small version of Captain Cooks Ship!

All in all you’ll never be lost for things to see or do and people to talk to in and around Whitby.

Don’t forget to take some of our famous jet away with you to remind you to return.

Enjoy your stay.

Some inspiration for you . . .

Click on the pictures to go to the links – happy browsing! We do have a selection leaflets at our home for you to browse through while you stay!

There is always plenty to see around Whitby. Just look out for the info boards for all the upcoming attractions!

Why not take a walk up to the famous Fortunes Kipper shop, where they have been smoking kippers for many, many year!

Not really known for it’s surfing, Whitby is ideal for learners. A safe place to surf or even stand up paddling, something different to try without the long trek down to Cornwall!

The Whitby Pavilion is not only a conference centre, but a cinema and entertainment venue! Attracting entertainers from all genres, there is always something interesting and great to see!

Go crazy on West Cliff on the Arnold Palmer Cray Golf course! Great fun for all the family!

What a little gem this place is – if you love walking then this is the place. A fantastic outdoor tea “room” offering lovely snacks & licensed!
Not suitable for people with limited ability!
A bit off the beaten track so best ask Sharon how to find it! (possibly!!!)